Saturday, August 30, 2008

Inside Australia's game ratings body

Article from CNet Australia

By Laura Parker on 29 August 2008

The Classification Board — formerly the Office of Film and Literature Classification — is an independent body that classifies films, computer games and publications. Guidelines for classification are set out in the National Classification Code, agreed by the Australian Government and the States and Territories, and the Classification Board must abide by these when making classification decisions. The Classification Review Board, also an independent body, can review original classification decisions in certain circumstances and make a new classification decision.

Previously the OFLC, the office was disbanded and its members made part of the Attorney General's department. The body was renamed the Classification Board, and still performs the same role as before.

In this Q&A we've tackled all the big questions with the newly-named Classification Board to give an insight into what makes its members tick. We tracked down a Classification Board spokeswoman to give us all the details. And for more information about games classification, check out our in-depth feature, Censory Overload.

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