Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aboriginals can't be trusted with raunchy pay TV: Opposition

The Liberals are pushing in the Senate for a "blanket ban" on pornography on pay TV available in Aboriginal communities, claiming that it leads to abuse.

In a move that combines all the usual suspects - hand waving arguments, save-the-children hysteria ("watching pornography led to child abuse"), and government paternalism, they have managed to add racism as well. It's hard for me, personally, to imagine that any aboriginal Australian would not be insulted by this call which paints them as such out-of-control child abusers that they can't be allowed to watch a blue movie on the telly.

Of course, since the South Australian senator Cory Bernardi was quoted as saying, "the Coalition supports a blanket ban on pornography on pay TV," it may be the case that want to push this campaign even further in the future. Fortunately the Rudd Government has so far not indicated any willingness to play along either in the NT or the country as a whole.

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Netalarmed said...

If there's one senator whose worse than the two Stephens (Fielding and Conroy), it's ol' Think He's Knows Best Bernardi.

It is insulting.