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Cyber Law Centre ISP Level Filtering Forum 27th November 2008

 These are a few media responses to the  Cyber Law Centre ISP Level Filtering Forum (University of NSW)

Net Filters Debated by Experts at Cyber Law Forum Kathryn Small 28th November 2008

But the mood of the day was summed up by a sixteen-year-old student who addressed the conference about her experiences with web filters.

“I have been surfing the web for most of my school life, at school and home, with filters and without, and I have never accidentally stumbled upon pornographic material,” she said.

“We want education, not restriction.”

A National banter on Filtering James Hutchinson 28th November 2008

Guess what Mr. Conroy? There's a sound coming from UNSW Kensington campus, and it's a big and resounding "NO". It's not a "no" as in, "we want free Internet so we can look at kiddy porn guilt-free". In fact, anyone who linked freedom and child pornography at the discussion was guaranteed to be shown the front door.

Instead, it appears that even those present at the discussion that would have a hand to play in imposing the filter - namely representatives from Optus and Cisco - are negative toward the entire process and for good reason. The filter won't work and people will simply bypass it. Our government might have the same ambition as China, but it certainly doesn't have the will or guts to police it.

Brisbane Times Asher Moses November 28th 2008

Support for the Government's plan to censor the internet has hit rock bottom, with even children's welfare groups now saying that that the mandatory filters, aimed squarely at protecting kids, are ineffective and a waste of money.

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